Vocational further education and training

Vocational further education and training at Raahe Business College is versatile and flexible. It organizes training to develop commercial expertise for the needs of companies and business life. Most of the trainings aim at competence-based qualification. Competence-based qualifications and apprenticeships are a practical way to obtain and update one´s professional expertise. The training can consist of an all-day learning session or a multiform learning. The coaching programmes for entrepreneurs focuse on developing business activities. The training takes place in Finnish.

Apprenticeship involves learning through practical duties at work supplemented with theoretical studies. The duration of the apprenticeship training is usually 1,5 – 2 years. Competence-based qualification gives eligibility to universities and polytechnics.

Further Qualifications

  • Further Qualification for Entrepreneurs
  • Further Qualification in Sales
  • Further Qualification in Secretarial Studies
  • Further Qualification in Marketing Communications

Specialist Qualifications

  • Specialist Qualification in Business Management
  • Specialist Qualification in Product Development

Besides competence-based qualification, Raahe Business College offers short courses and entrepreneurship training in cooperation with the business life of the area. The courses can be tailored in a customer-oriented way to meet the needs of companies and students.

Applications for competence-based qualification and courses are submitted directly to the Raahe Business College. Print out the attached application form and submit it directly to the school.